Power Ring

Interlock tiles


    Interlock tiles consist of a mixture of Portland cement, coarse aggregate (body components) and fine aggregate (surface components) with the addition of water in suitable quantities. The components are mixed by a fully automatic central mixing plant to obtain a homogeneous mixture to pass the mixture on the filling machine inside standard molds with vibration Mechanical for high quality product.


    • The optimal solution, the easiest and quick to implement the work (Landscape tiles- parking spaces - sidewalks and fields - entrances and exits - streets)
    • Available in multiple forms and colors to give different flexibility to choose according to the nature of the work carried out.
    • The possibility of producing Interlock with different compressive strength on the nature of the executed works  250, 350, 450, 550 kg / cm
    • Interlock tiles with high strength can replace the concrete slabs, which means saving a lot of costs and faster implementation and take advantage of the better form in general.
    • Easy maintenance works under the floors and pavements and surfaces covered with Interlock tiles for ease of installation and dismantling again
    • Easy maintenance of the same surfaces in the long term by dismantling the damaged tiles and installation instead of it with great east at lowest cost.