Power Ring

Hollow concrete Blocks


    Mixture of Portland cement and aggregates of different sizes, depending on whether the block is to be produced with a fair face or rough surface with the addition of water in suitable quantities. The components are mixed by a fully automatic central mixing plant to obtain a homogeneous mixture to pass the mixture on Standard with mechanical vibration for high quality product.


    The concrete blocks have several advantages, besides the high hardness of the nature of cement products characterized by: -

    • Usability in the construction of walls for different compressive strength.
    • Fire-resistant.

    • Soundproof.

    • The possibility of producing a fair face surface block that is used in building works does not require any external plastering or painting works, which saves a lot of costs and time when used.

    • Produced in different sizes 12 * 20 * 40 cm - 20 * 20 * 40 cm - 25 * 20 * 40 cm which gives more options in terms of costs and prices.